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Kumkumadi Kesaradi Oil Serum: The Ayurvedic Skin Glow Elixir (1 oz)


Kumkumadi Kesaradi oil Serum is considered as an Ayurvedic Beauty Potion, enriched with natural Ayurvedic Herbal extracts. Suitable for all skin types.

Therapeutic Uses of Kumkumadi Kesaradi Oil Serum:
Improves complexion for all skin types, treats hyper-pigmentation, diminishes spots and blemishes, heals wounds, lessens scars, used as sunscreen.

Tested for heavy metals. Not tested on animals. Free of chemicals. Free of artificial colors and preservatives.

Ingredients: Saffron Pollens, Blue Lotus, Red Sandalwood, White sandalwood Manjishtha, Licorice, Lac, Indian Banyan, Java Fig, Indian Lotus, Daruhaldi, Ushira, Padamaka, Mahua, Pattanga, Dashmool, Sesame Oil, Almond oil, Rose essential oil, Goat Milk, Rose Water.

Directions: Cleanse your face. On slightly wet skin, apply 2-3 drops of Kumkumadi Kesaradi oil and massage upwards. Allow the Kumkumadi oil serum to work overnight for the best results. It can be used as first layer under the makeup also.

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