Rent a room in our Wellness Center and start your independent practice.  Suitable for Acupuncture, Ayurveda,  Massage Therapy, Reiki, Energy Healing, Nutrition, Health Coaching, Skincare or any other holistic practitioner. Wifi, all utilities and basic reception area use included. No machines can be used that make noise. Treatment table, hot towel cabinet available in the room. It's a great location in Midtown Manhattan, easily accessible by many trains and buses.

Basic Room Rental Rates

$35  for 60 minutes (15 minutes change over time included) 

Minimum 4 times a month.

Monthly Room  Rental Rates

$150 for Full Day 11 am -7 pm (Minimum 4 days a month)

$135 for Full Day 11 am -7 pm (Minimum 6 days a month)

$115 for Full Day 11 am -7 pm (Minimum 8 days a month)

Other rental options can be discussed.

Cancellation Policy:

24 hrs cancellation notice is required if space was booked much in advance. 4 hrs notice is required for same day booking and cancellation.  You must convey these cancellation rules to your client along with your own cancellation and reschedule policy.

All rentals include:

1 Massage table, 2 Table sheets, 1 Hand towel, 1 Bolster, Face cradle, Face cradle cover, Hot towel cabinet use, Waiting area , Bottled water, tea, Wifi

If you have any questions about room rental,

please call:  (212) 616 4127 or  Email: or fill and submit the following contact form.