Ayurvedic Consultation & Panchakarkarma Therapies

Ayurvedic consultations are available everyday via phone/zoom, 11 am-7 pm

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An Ayurvedic consultation is a process of discovery for the practitioner and the patient. Many aspects of your current and past situations will be discussed to understand your individual body system, temperament, attitude, possible sickness, tendency for recurrent sickness, lifestyle, your natural cravings etc.

A number of techniques are utilized during the consultation to assess your present condition:pulse diagnosis, tongue & eye examination, past & present medical history, family medical history, body constitution, dosha disorders, genetic disorders, recurrent diseases etc. Based on this, the practitioner will recommend you – how to know and pacify your cravings, suitable diet for your constitutional type, food as a medicine, suitable yoga asanas/exercise for your constitution, Herbs and Treatments – all according to Ayurvedic principles.

If you are struggling with any digestion issues, sleep problems, anxiety or depression, fatigue, lack of energy, headaches or a migraine, chronic pains, arthritis, women's issues, consider an Ayurvedic Consultation with us to determine the root of the problem.

We offer phone Consultation also. Please call or write to schedule a phone consultation

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Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation
60 - 90 Min $175

Ayurvedic Lifestyle  Follow up Consultation:
30 Min $95

Ayurvedic Weight Management Consultation 
90 Min -2 Hrs $195  

Ayurvedic Weight Management Follow up Consultation
45-60 Min $125​​   

Panchakarma (Ayurvedic Cleanse) Packages

3 Days Panchakarma (Includes 2 Hrs of customized therapies+herbal steam for 3 days)    $825

5 Days Panchakarma  (Includes 2 Hrs of customized therapies+herbal steam for 5 days)   $1250

7 Days Panchakarma (Includes 2 Hrs of customized therapies+herbal steam for 7 days)   $1645

14 Days Panchakarma  (Includes 2 Hrs of customized therapies+herbal steam for 3 days)   $3150   

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Panchakarma Consultation 60-90 Min $195 Book Online

According to Ayurveda, Rejuvenation must take place on the physical, mental and spiritual levels. Before starting the physical rejuvenation program, the  body must be cleansed from the inside. A rejuvenating herb , taken orally, passes through the stomach, small intestine and large intestine before entering the blood stream. All these physiological pathways must be purified in order for the herb to reach the deeper bodily tissues where the rejuvenation process begins.

We offer very comprehensive Panchakarma consultations and treatments.  With the detailed  instructions from the Practitioner, most of the Panchakarma treatments can be done in the convenience of your own home also.​​

Mini Panchakarma $425 Book online

Consultation + 2 Hrs Treatments + Herbal Steam

Mini Panchakarma is offered to get a sneak-peak into our 5-21 days Panchakarma services. You will start with Panchakarma Consultation. During the treatments session, you get Abhyanga therapy ( Ayurvedic body oil treatment), Shila-abhyanga (ayurvedic hot stones treatment). Marma abhyanga (Ayurvedic oil treatment focused on vital energy points), Udvartana (herbal exfoliation), Shiro-Abhyanga (Head Massage),  Pada-Abhyanga (Foot Massage), Shirodhara (Warm oil stream on forehead), Karna purna (ear therapy), Nasya (nasal therapy), Steam sauna/Dry sauna. Treatments are customized.

3 Days Customized Panchakarma Meals: $135

Rice & Mung Lentil Khichari,
Mung  & Vegetable Soup, 
Ginger Lime Pickle,  1 jar Detox Tea

Questions??   Call (212) 616 4127  or 
Email: ayurveda@nyayurveda.com

Gratuities are not included in service prices