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Bio Cosm (Ayurvedic Cream for Normal skin)

Enriched with pure Kumkumappoovu( Saffron), Elathari( Cardamom), Cinnamon, Indian madder, Guggulu(Indian bdellium), Coconut oil, Wheat germ oil and Olive oil.

Biocosm protects the skin against moisture loss & acts as an ideal protective barrier. Fills the purpose of deodorant as most herbs in the preparation are aromatic. Especially suited for dry skin: Biocosm relieves itching, eczema usually associated with dry skin. A powerful/ luxurious moisturizing treatment, enriched with natural rehydrates that act as an excellent softening agent, providing maximum nourishment to the skin, protects the skin from the damage caused by exposure to pollution and sunlight. Specially developed to control dehydration caused by air travel. Ideal for mature skin, frequent travelers, and flight crew. Soothes heals & cures the discomforts due to detergent allergy. 

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