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Renowned astro-spiritual personality, philosopher and philanthropist, Shri K.K. Bhaumik, has served leading enterprises of the Government of India in senior management capacities. A lawyer and advocate, he combines a command of the material world with a truly spiritual vocation. Along with his formal education, Shri Bhaumik soon mastered the divine science of vedic astrology. Because of the accuracy of his predictions, his reputation as an astro-occult expert soon spread across the globe. He has always used his powers, both spiritual and astrological, only for the welfare of mankind. Driven by an indomitable spirit to serve the community and the downtrodden, Shri Bhaumik set up Matribhumi Seva Pratishthan Kolkata, an NGO, Astro-occult and Ayurvedic Institute of Asia, and Institute of Public Speaking and Leadership Development.

Shri  Bhaumik is available for consultations at New York Ayurveda on Saturdays by appointment only or via phone Monday to Friday.

30 Min  $125    60 Min $175

Please call 212-616-4127 Or Book Online Email: