Why to Look at Gut Health When Taking Care of Your Skin?

If you think that there is no relation between your skin and intestines, you might have to rethink because they have a lot to do with each other. You might be applying the best cosmetics and skin care products on your skin, but if you are not eating well, digesting well, exercising properly and sleeping well, you completely fail at getting results. Many studies have been done that have shown a close relationship between your gut health and acne, your mood and mental health, your bones and joints health, immune system and much more…

There are hardly any people with skin health concerns where their gut doesn’t cause an issue. This makes it super important to consider gut health when you are trying to address your skin health. If you leave your gut out of the picture, you will be missing an important part of the puzzle, because without it, your skin will not thrive. Here are a few points that will help you understand why to look at the gut when taking care of your skin:

  • Remove Toxins and Wastes
    It can be quite common to have a sluggish gut/liver and you need to turn on the digestion process to keep them working properly. If it is not so, it will become difficult for you to eliminate toxins and wastes from your body completely, as then they tend to make their way out via the largest body organ in our body, our skin. Get in touch with a qualified health practitioner to find out why you are suffering from poor digestion, abnormal bowel movements, and poor elimination.
  • Skin Nutrients Absorption
    If your digestive system doesn’t work at its full potential, the foods that you eat won’t be absorbed properly and you may not get the nourishment and nutrition that they are meant to give you. This can also mean that you can become deficient in many nutrients that benefit your skin like omega - 3, magnesium, vitamin C, zinc, glutathione, B vitamins and vitamin A.
  • Gut Bugs
    When it comes to the proper functioning of our digestive system including the elimination of toxins, synthesis and absorption of nutrients, protection from undesirable microorganisms, etc., the population of the microorganisms present in our gut play an essential role. Just to know, our gut contains both good and bad bacteria and it is obvious that we need more good bacteria than bad bacteria in our body. If the bad bacteria start dominating our gut, it becomes a dysbiotic gut that is directly linked to skin issues including acne and eczema.

This makes it really important for all of us to take care of our gut health for healthy, glowing skin. Add plenty of healthy nutrients to your diet and do one or the other type of exercise to keep the gut healthy and properly working because it is not just about what you are eating but also about what you are flushing out.

Start with these simple practices:

Eat according to your Dosha/body constitution.

Eat according to the current season.

Eat locally and fresh. Old/processed food is tamasic and brings qualities of dullness and lethargy in a person, while sattvic or fresh/locally sourced food cooked with mindfulness brings wellness and good energy. In Ayurveda, Khichari is considered a very sattvic dish, and is deeply cleansing and nourishing.

Cook or source your food that is made with love and mindfulness.

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