Ayurvedic Perspective on Chronic Constipation

Title: Ayurvedic Perspective on Chronic Constipation
In Ayurveda, constipation is a toxic condition of the colon due to often difficult bowel movements. Lifestyle seems to be its main cause- poor diet, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, wrong eating time, busy schedule, not drinking enough water, stress and anxiety.
Bowel movements depend on the diet and general lifestyle of the person. Ideally, one should have easy bowel movement in the early morning and if not, that indicates presence of ama or toxins in the colon.
The modern lifestyle of getting up late in the morning and rushing to work right away does not allow this habit to develop. That generally leads to constipation. Most people with Vata constitution suffer from this problem. Food without fiber, too much coffee or tea, sodas, cold/raw foods and drinks, smoking, anxiety, nervousness contribute to constipation. Most people who suffer from constipation will generally have other problems as well- insomnia, anxiety, stress, nervousness, worry, grief, fear etc...
Complications that come along with constipation are even worse- headache, ulcers in the mouth, stomatitis, hemorrhoids, fissures, hernia, weight gain.
Doshic Symptoms:
Vata type: brownish coating on the tongue, uneasiness in the abdomen, hard stools, low digestive fire.
Pitta type: inflammation of the colon, pain in the colon region.
Kapha type: sensation of heaviness in the colon, lethargy, low digestive fire, gas in the abdomen, whitish coating on the tongue.
Ayurvedic herbs and treatment: Diet and lifestyle are the first things that need to be addressed. Fasting, anti-ama diets, herbs to detoxify should be used. Lots of cooked green vegetables, plenty of fruits, high fiber foods are suggested. Drink warm water frequently. When the digestion improves, purgatives can be used. Giving only purgatives or laxatives is not ideal treatment in Ayurveda, as constant use of purgative or laxative creates dryness in the colon that further increases Vata, causes more constipation and weakens the colon.
Panchakarma (the Ayurvedic detox procedure) is extremely helpful in case of chronic constipation.
Triphala is a traditional Ayurvedic formulation for constipation, which is a combination of three fruits: amalaki, bibhitaki and haritaki. Triphala is also known as an anti-aging formula in Ayurveda.
Abhyarishta is also an effective Ayurvedic formulation for chronic constipation.
Trikatu for Kapha and to help digestion.
Ayurvedic Detox Tea (cumin coriander, fennel)
Aloe vera gel
Turmeric Golden Milk
Moringa Lemon Amla Tea
Moringa Digestive Tea
Moringa Ginger Tea
1-2 gm Psyllium husk with warm water at night is also helpful.
A glass of warm milk and 1 tsp of ghee every night is helpful for Vata constipation.
Abdomen massage with warm sesame oil.
Always consult an Ayurvedic Practitioner before using any Ayurvedic herbs.

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